Wednesday, September 29, 2021

zipaDeeBee Yoga has "Gone to the Dogs?!"


We yoga-ed to Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion today at PCDM!  Harry made a not so great choice and got very, very dirty.  He started off as a white dog with black spots, but he ended up as a black dog with white spots??!  His family was able to wash him and clean the outside of him.  What happens when you make not so great choices like Eve and Adam did in "The First Sin" Bible Story? It's kind of like your heart gets dirty when you make mistakes like that.  God can clean up a dirty or broken heart! YEA for JESUS!  Yea for a reminder He always forgives us when we make "not so great choices" and sends us back out into the world to try and try again. #YAYforYOGA #JesusLovesMe #Forgiveness

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