Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Yoga for Literacy

I appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the SC Center for Community Literacy's program on community resources available to classrooms and libraries! Thank you, Valerie Byrd Fort, for the invitation.💗
Yoga with a story helps you live happily ever after!📚

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Yoga Under the Sea

Put your hands on your heart and belly.  Can you move your hands with your deep breath?

We moved like the sunshine to warm up for our yoga work!

Is your mountain strong?

Today we explored Eric Carle's A House for Hermit Crab.

Hermit crab was too big for his shell, so he set off in search of a new one!

His shell was plain so he decorated it with a sea anemone!

He also added a snail.

Here's our lantern fish that lights up Hermit Crab's house!

We completed our practice with a twist . . .

and rest.

What does your house look like?🏡