Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kappa Kappa Iota State Convention

Sharing GRIT (GrowthResilience, Integrity, and Tenacity) while moving through the life cycle of a sea turtle with Kappa Kappa Iota, a professional organization for teachers, during their state convention luncheon

Sometimes we see ALL the colors of the rainbow!

Sometimes we allow others to "lick the red off our candy!"  That's when it's time to get GRITty!

The sea turtle hatchling digs his way to the beach with RESILIENCE.  He sees the reflection of the moonlight on the ocean to know which way to travel.  We stretch like a crescent moon and let our lights shine!

 Teachers are organizing the tablets from darkest to lightest shade of color to practice "baby steps" while GROWING.

When we GROW, it's best to do it little by little.  Making changes along and along is better than trying to "eat the elephant" in one bite .  .  . you might choke with that way of "growing?!"

Do you listen with INTEGRITY?  
Eyes ON, Ears ON, Brain ON, Heart ON, Mouth OFF, Hands OFF

What kind of TURTLE TRACKS do you leave?