Friday, June 29, 2018

SUPER on Thursday

What SUPERheroes do you know?  We explored superheroes and their super powers at Thursday's Pisgah CDM!

Superman can FLY! He has superhuman strength, speed, vision, and BREATH.

Wonder Woman has a Lasso of Truth and invisible jet!

The Incredible Hulk has superhuman strength and speed, stamina and durability!  He has amazing powers of healing too.

We have super powers!  We are brave and kind, strong and peaceful.  Here is our forest!  The trees are strong in our forest.  The trees are also calm and balanced.

When can we practice being brave?  Maybe when we go to the doctor!  When can we practice being kind and peaceful?  Maybe when another person wins the game . . . When can we be strong?  When we do the right thing even when it is a hard thing to do.

Why do we practice our super powers?  So we can make the world a better place!
"I want my life to make a difference.  I want my life to make a change.  I want my life to do some good here.  I want my life to make a change."

But even super heroes have bad days . . .
so we read and rest . . . 
and find ways to keep our balance. 

Then we are ready when our world needs saving!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Camp T.A.L.K. Superheroes


We are BRAVE,
Warrior 1

Warrior 3

Warrior 2

Peaceful Warrior

But . . .
by Shelly Becker

So one way to create PEACE for yourself is to balance a feather!  When balancing a peacock feather, you have to look up while you work.  You've got to breathe and concentrate on the task at hand.  You can't think about something that might happen in the future or dwell on something that did happen in the past.

"Legs Up the Wall" Benefits:
reduces edema in legs and feet
relieves tired leg muscles
super calming for the nervous system
quiets the mind
better focus
shift in perspective
reverse the effects of gravity on the whole system
help regulate blood pressure
help improve digestion
aids arthritis, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, mild depression, varicose veins, menstrual cramps, PMS, menopausal symptoms
stretches hamstrings, front torso, and back of neck
helps keep you young and vital, anti-aging effects
relieves mild backache
improves problems of eyes and ears
Do you have your legs up the wall yet?

"I want my life to make a difference.  I want my life to make a change."
I want my life to do some good here.  I want my life to make a change."

"Chickens to the Rescue!" by John Himmelman
How will YOU make the world a better place?

Monday, June 25, 2018

Climbing Mountains with YETI Yoga!

Do Your Efforts and Thoughts Inspire?

We're working to a PEAK POSE as we kick off the YETI Yoga Series.
You start at the very beginning . . . 
then climb and climb . . . 
and before you know it . . . 

you're at the SUMMIT and WHAT A VIEW?!

The poses we are tackling in this first practice of the series open shoulders and challenge core strength in preparation for the grand finale!  Here is a pose that works the shoulders and tummy:

This twisting posture can be ramped up by taking the arm hugging the knee in front of the knee.  The hand would then reach back to the hand of the arm that is a kick stand in this pic.  A strap (or necktie) can help you connect! This tweak would open the shoulder more.

THREADING THE NEEDLE also stretches your shoulders.
Your shoulders have lots of moving parts.  Each shoulder has four joints, plus layers and layers of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons).  

We're getting closer . . . 

and closer to the top of the mountain:

And here's the PEAK POSTURE:
Thank you, Deni, for sharing ideas with me so I can share with others!

Maybe thinking about YETIs will help us be a little cooler during the hot weather . . . 

and we'll consider the FOOTPRINT our choices create so we'll write a better a story with our lives?!
Join us for BIG FUN with the YETI Yoga Series!