Sunday, October 30, 2016

Playing with "Dogs" and "Children?!"

Begin in Downward Facing Dog

Extend one leg for a Three Legged Dog

See in your mind, then make it happen:  (1) Swing the leg through and place the foot forward for a Warrior 1  (2) Squeeze the tummy tight, your tummy is hooked into the grounded feet and lift (3) You. Are. There!  Relax your shoulders, put a smile on your face.

Reach the arms behind your back to stretch open the chest!  If your hands don't meet for a clasp, spread the fingers strongly and reach back.

 Lean forward to Humble the Warrior 1

Release the arms, heel toe the foot so the hands are now on the inside of the foot.  Lean on the outer edge of the foot and Rock the Lizard gently back and forth, back and forth.

Bring the feet together, take the knees wide and rest in Child's Pose.  Breathe and rest.  Repeat the sequence on the opposite side.  Thank you to Kelly Branning for sharing this fun with me so I can share with others!

Sunday Afternoon Tree Sequence

Be a Tree!
Move from Tree to Stork
Now the foot that's up comes down, keeping a bend in the knee while stretching the outside of the standing leg as you fold and twist.  You may use a block to bring the ground to you!
Repeat this fun on the other side!


Friday, October 28, 2016

Take a Deep Breath

 Blowing bubbles is one way to take a deep breath!  You can also .  .  . 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ABCs of Yoga

We will begin a new series next Wednesday, 11/2 (Pisgah, 5:30-6:30) and Thursday, 11/3 (Cedar Grove, 5:00-6:00)!  

*ABCs of Yoga*
11/2-3/16 -- A-Armor of God Yoga
11/9-10/16 -- B-Beattitudes Yoga
11/16-17/16 -- B-Boundaries Yoga
11/30-12/1/16 -- C-Circles Yoga
12/7-8/16 -- DEEclutter Yoga
12/14-15/16 -- DEEbug Yoga
1/4-5/17 -- DEEnote Yoga
1/11-12/17 -- DEEvote Yoga

Invest in yourself, take to time to renew!  It's $60 for 8 weeks of balancing and breathing, strengthening and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g. We'll laugh and sing, be quiet and still.  It's a GREAT way to wrap 2016 and kick off 2017!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unlocking Your SUPER POWER!

Getting anxious about Hurricane Matthew? Find your breath! Breathe. Breathe IN. Breathe OUT. Having trouble finding your breath? Lay on your tummy and feel your belly expand on the inhale and feel it contract on the exhale . . . Breathing helps your body calm down. Breathing soothes your anxious mind. It "feeds" the prefrontal cortex or "downstairs brain" so you can make better decisions. You ALWAYS have your breath, no matter the weather!


We had so much fun yoga-ing in the pool this summer! It is fun to explore how postures work in the water vs. on the mat. Here's one sequence we could do more gracefully IN the water, not so on dry land . . . 

 goddess to half-moon, moving right
reset in goddess . . . 
then rock left!