Monday, October 10, 2011

Storytime with Yoga

Requirement for Home Study, p. 43

Here's one more story by a 4th Grade:

It was a crazy day on the farm! Pig was rolling in the mud and Dog was sleeping on the couch. Dog woke up and chased Pig up and down the mountain. These crazy animals woke up the sleeping warrior during their chase! The warrior joined the chased. These three ran into a monkey who then also joined the chase. The monkey started throwing bananas. Everyone started throwing food! FOOD FIGHT!

Mrs. Broam then introduced "chair" pose for everyone to have a seat after having so much fun!

I was amazed at the creativity of the students! They had no problem whatsoever knitting a story together with the variety of poses I introduced.

I altered the sequence of characters in one class created story to flow more smoothly when I shared the story with another class:

Dog, Cat, Rat, Pig, and Cow to Cat, Cow, Dog, Rat, and Pig