Thursday, August 31, 2023

PSUMC Yoga Pals


We made a bracelet this evening to celebrate the Yoga Peeps at PSUMC!

Asbill -- Clemson Paw Charm -- GO, TIGERS!🐯  Tiger Pose (also referred to bird dog)

Broam -- Bee Charm -- Three Rounds of Bees Breath -- Buzz!  Buzz!  Buzz!🐝

Cobb 1 -- Yoga Peep Voted "Most Likely to Be a Mermaid!" -- Mermaid Twist

Cobb 2 -- Running Shoe Charm -- Leg Stretches

Cobia -- Umbrella Charm -- Yoga Peep Voted "Most Likely to Be Prepared" -- Umbrella Breath

Jones 1 -- Our Harriest Potter Fan -- "Believe Charm" -- Magic with Cow Face Arms & Legs

Jones 2 -- Motorcycle Charm -- Warrior I -- Warrior III -- Popping a Wheelie!

I Love Yoga Charm for PSUMC Relaxation Time -- the BEST PART of our YOGA TOGETHER!