Friday, November 5, 2021

Nutty Mrs. Broam

 On Wednesday, PCDM and Kids Yoga explored a wonderful story about the life cycle of an acorn, Little Acorn by IglooBooks.  Nutty Mrs. Broam was able to share a copy with PCDM classrooms and young yogis at Pisgah, thanks to the generosity of retired Lexington One Administrator, Loretta Arnette!!💗 Everything has a beginning, middle, and end -- every thing, thought, experience, feeling -- and we explored the life cycle of the acorn to practice this idea.🌳

An acorn is a seed.  Be as small as you can be in SEED POSE.

Be a "baby tree" or seedling by balancing on your knees and reaching to the sky!

Now grow into a mature oak by balancing your TREE POSE. Try the pose on both sides of the body.  Be curious -- Is one leg stronger than the other?

The sun helps the acorn grow into a seedling.  The sun helps the seedling grow into a mature tree!🌞 You can "move like the sun" by linking several yoga poses together:

Feathered guests may build their nests in the branches of the tree.  Work WARRIOR III with both legs. Use your wings to help you balance.🐦

Spiders🕷 may build webs🕸 . . .

Beetles🐞 may scurry by . . .

Owls🦉 may "hoot" from the tree's branches at night!

We sang a song about the squirrel that hid the acorn in the ground!

And that's the end of this week's yoga blog post!