Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Spiritual Practices -- Anointing

I was sharing this practice with my beautiful Field Education Supervisor, and she shared this was "annointing!"  Isn't it interesting the things we do intuitively can be the things we need to do to take care of our body, brains, and heart?!  Thank you, Holy Spirit for the work you do every day and EVERY WAY!  Please help us to LISTEN. (7 min 52 seconds)

HEART CHARM WITH HOLDING HANDS & I'M OKAY CHARM -- "God's Got This and I'm Okay!" Roll or rub lavender oil on your heart and belly!

FEET CHARM -- I'm ready and available to do the work God is calling me to do. Rub oil on to feet.

JOY CHARM -- I will serve with joy and freedom (hips), peace and love (shoulders).

BUTTERFLY CHARM & IT IS WHAT IT IS CHARM -- with hope and faith (wrists), I accept what is (inside of arms) because I know "God's Got This and I'm Okay!" (heart and belly) Repeat the HEART CHARM WITH HOLDING HANDS & I'M OKAY CHARM

This practice and the words developed in the beginning of my retirement.  After most every bath time, I connect back to this practice.  Tie a spiritual practice to a daily habit or "have to" so you'll remember to do/easily incorporate it into your days!  It's one way to incorporate time with God into your life.