Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The EYES have it!

While in Chicago, I learned about "eye exercise" or yoga for your eyes!

Here's a fun video where Paul McCartney teaches about this:

These are cool to know to strengthen and relax the muscles around the eyes.  These exercises help develop focus and concentration.  During an age of more screen time, preventive exercises like these can help you achieve good eye health throughout your life!

If you're a little nauseous when you try, start slower.  The eye muscles, like all muscles, will strengthen over time.

EYEEYE Mateys?!

Chinese New Year

We enjoyed 7 families (19 yogis) at Saturday, January 11th's Family Yoga Class!  Thank you to Pink Lotus Yoga Center for keeping Family Yoga on the menu!  We had some fun with Chinese Love Knots and reviewing our Circle of Control (I'm in charge of what I think, see, say, feel and do)!  We pretended to be animals in The Great Race by Dawn Casey.  We relaxed and practiced Eline Snel's "sitting still like a frog."  We also read Smile a Lot by Nancy Carlson.  We wrapped up class with that BEST yoga posture, a grin from ear to ear.  Munching on fortune cookies on the way out the door, we reminded ourselves that we have CHOICES (how we think and see, what we say, feel and do) and are in charge of our FORTUNE.  Chinese New Year is January 31.  2014 is the Year of the Horse. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Books Worth Barking About

Here's a GREAT book to go with the game, "Yogi Operator!" It's called, _Bark, George_ by Jules Feiffer ( George the dog "meows," "oinks," "quacks," "moos," etc. It would be a quick, fun read to set up the game! It would also be easy to incorporate cat, pig, duck, cow postures as you share. Another fun book about animal sounds is _Who Says a Dog Goes Bow-Wow?_ by Hank De Zutter. This one is out of print though and maybe difficult to locate . . . Happy Reading! WOOF WOOF