Thursday, September 15, 2022

Zebras Don't Get Ulcers


Zebras experience acute physical stressors.  They run from the lion and then survive (or don't😬). . . Zebras don't ruminate about the experience, aren't worried about finances or if they are good enough or when an assignment is due or if they are discerning God's word and living it well. "Human Doings" have chronic and psychological stressors! We're always running from the lion🦁, and, therefore, may develop ulcers or other dis-ease . . . When can you yoga? It's one way to be more zebra-like🦓! How can it help you best? Need stress-relief? Energizing and enlivening? Opportunity to laugh and be in fellowship with others? Confidence? Self-regulation? Self-care? Let me know LTSS community: Let's be "Human Beings" together! Strong and healthy in our brains, body, heart, and spirit so we can do God's work, sharing His love with our world, in a high quality way❤️ You CAN change your STRIPES with yoga🙂

Monday, September 5, 2022

Got Yoga?

Breathing Wings: Begin with your arms by your sides. On the breath in, extend them straight out to the side and up over head. Exhale and lower the arms to the side.🦋

Back to school means a lot of GGRRReat adventures for everyone on the Columbia Campus (Lenoir-Rhyne University's school nickname is the Bears🐻), BUT it also means high stress levels may be back too. Yoga is one way to manage stress to get more out of this school year. Interested in joining a yoga class that will be offered in person and via Zoom? Students, faculty and staff are welcome. Contact D'Etta Broam by email at or call her at 803-463-6255

Maybe you’re thinking: 
"I'm not flexible." 
You don't need to be. That's why we do yoga. Your body is a yoga body. You've lived a rich and colorful life with texture--sometimes the going's been rough like sandpaper, sometimes it’s been soft and cotton ball fluffy. We can be strong and confident and love the body God designed, the body we are in today.

"I can't do what I used to could do."
Nobody's judging you, except for possibly you. Let that ego go so you can truly be who God has called you to be.

What Kind of Yoga are We Talking About?
My style of yoga is born from experience with Vinyasa, Trauma Informed practices, and a variety of training, including meditation. To me, yoga is coming in the body you are in today and growing from there.  It's about breathing, balancing, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g and strengthening.  

My Background: 
I have my experienced registered yoga teacher certification. That's 200hr+ in training and 1,000+ hours of yoga teaching experience. 

I have my 95-hour children specialty yoga teacher certification.  

I have 50 hours in therapeutic applications of yoga for children and families. 

I am currently enrolled in an 800 hour Yoga Therapist Training with East Coast Yoga Therapy in Greensboro, NC.  

I have completed one year at Maryland University of Integrative Health in the Master of Science of Yoga Therapy program.  

I got you.  I'll take good care of you.  If you have questions, I'll help you find answers.  What have you got to lose but unhealthy stress?