Friday, November 30, 2018

Thankful for UNICORNS

Today we celebrated UNICORNS!  

We warmed our bodies by moving like the sunshine!

Then we moved like a unicorn,



and rainbow!

We wrapped our movement with a twist!

After our final relaxation story about riding on the back of a unicorn, we captured our dreams and thanksgivngs on turkey feathers!

We reminded ourselves that being thankful helps us feel better!
When we feel better we can take better care of ourselves, others, and the world in which we live! #yayforyoga

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Frederick the Turkey

Frederick did not want to be a Thanksgiving Dinner . . . 

so he took some deep breaths and 

 disguised himself as a dog!

He tried to look like a rabbit too!

We walked our Warriors
 to be the farmer searching for Frederick.

Then a hawk scared away the farmer!
And Frederick was safe!

We created turkeys in disguise for our processing art fun today!
This turkey is pretending to be a pig!

Write something you are thankful for on your turkey feather and bring to our next yoga practice on Thursday, November 29!  We will end the month of November with gratitude. 
🦃 Have a great Turkey Day Holiday! 🍂

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Toodles the Turkey

Toodles did not like her skinny legs or brown feathers!  She also did NOT like her "GOBBLE!  GOBBLE!"  She tried to get the sounds of other animals . . .

She asked the pig for her "OINK!"  But she said, "no!"

The horse said, "NEIGH!" when she asked for his sound . . .

She asked the crow for her "CAAA-AAW!" But she said, "no!" too.

Suddenly the animals heard a "SHREEEK-SHREEK!"  
 A hawk was threatening  . . . 

the baby chicks!  Here's a yoga chick . . .

There's a:

And here's a chick doing yoga everywhere?!

Toodles gathered the babies under her wings and let out a loud: "GOBBLE! GOBBLE!"  
It scared the hawk, and the chicks were SAVED!

YAY for the way you were always meant to be!!🎉

Another way to say this is:

We rested on the farm:

Then we drew pictures about how we were feeling . . .
Yogis felt "relaxed" and "fantastic!"

Next week we'll meet Frederick the Turkey!  We're having fun getting ready for a 

Namaste, Yogis! 🙏

Thursday, November 1, 2018

How the Stars Fell into the Sky

We shared a Navajo legend today.  The story explains why there is confusion in the world.

First Woman (Goddess Posture) said to First Man (Warrior 2), "The people need to know the laws.  To help them, we must write the laws for all to see."

The decided they could NOT write the laws on the sand or the water . . . 

so they chose the night sky! First Woman carefully designed a pattern with stars so all could read it.

Coyote offered to help . . .

but he soon grew tired of the slow work!

He flung the remaining stars out into the night?! 

We wrapped with a star relaxation body scan . . .

and an opportunity to create a starry, night sky picture with chalk and black construction paper!

SHINE ON, Pisgah CDM Yogis!!