Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mr. President Goes to School and Meets Power Skills

Take a deep breath to settle into our yoga practice!

We read Mr. President Goes to School by Rick Walton.🏫 What Power Skills are in this story?

Double Warrior encourages COLLABORATION with a yogi!  In the story, the Prime Ministers and Mr. President COLLABORATE to solve the Sticks and Stones issue.  They COLLABORATE to build a fort.  How do you get along and work well with others?

Double Down Dog is another opportunity to COLLABORATE!


 Balancing Half Moon Pose challenges our risk taking!

Mr. President is WILLING TO TAKE RISKS when he invites the Prime Ministers to sit on the carpet, do the hokey pokey, and fingerpaint together.

We are trying NEW things in our yoga!

Balancing Half Moon Pose also provides the opportunity to PERSEVERE!!  You can do hard things too.💪

 After practicing more Power Skills . . .

we rested and

Hokey Pokey-ed!

Tuning In to be POWERful EVERY DAY, "that's what it's all about!"🎶

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Spring Pisgah Yoga

Here's the Veggietales to watch:  

March 4--Are You My Neighbor?
March 11--Where's God When I'm Scared?
March 18--Dave and the Giant Pickle
March 25--Madame Blueberry
April 1--Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed
April 15--King George and the Ducky
April 22--Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen
April 29--The Ballad of Little Joe 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"Women of Easter" Yoga

Come learn about the "Women of Easter!" We'll explore Liz Curtis Higgs' book, The Women of Easter, as we strengthen, s-t-r-e-t-c-h, breathe, and balance together. 

The classes will be 9:00-9:45:
Monday, April 6 -- Mary of Bethany
Tuesday, April 7 -- Mary of Nazareth
Thursday, April 9 -- Mary Magdalene
Friday, April 10 -- Good Friday, Restorative Yoga

We will meet in Pisgah's Narthex (or the UPSTAIRS exercise room if it's available)!

You may participate in a chair or the mat!
Drop In Fee is $10.00, $30 for the week
For anyone participating in a current zipaDeeBee 8 week session, it's FREE!

I'm trying to achieve my 1000 hours yoga teaching experience, and as of tonight, 2/19/2020--I have 895.25 hours of yoga teaching experience! All I need is one person to come to each session to get the teaching experience!!! Please consider joining me for a session during the Easter Week. ✝️

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Presidents Day Revisited

President Taft had a cow named Pauline Wayne!🐮

We warmed up with the flying cow sequence in honor of Pauline Wayne.  We explored many MOO-rvelous facts about the presidents while yogaing today.🐄

We worked the Triangle Pose to illustrate (1) George Washington, "Father of Our Country" and (2) how Abraham Lincoln lived in a log cabin

 We put our feet together and massaged the soles like opening the covers of a book and reading the pages!  Abraham Lincoln taught himself to read!📖

Here are our multiplication tables!  George Washington like arithmetic.

The U.S. President travels on Air Force One.

Here we are as the Cherry Blossoms in bloom on the Potomac in Washington, D.C.

Here we are rolling Easter Eggs on the White House South Lawn!

 Here we as the White House Rose Garden!🌹

 We rested and further explored Washington, D.C. in our imaginations!  Some shared going back in time and playing with President Roosevelt's guinea pigs.😊

We capped off our adventure with a game in the White House Bowling Alley.🎳 Our Presidential Practice was PERFECT.🧘

Seas the Day

"Power Skills . . . doot doo doot doo
There are eight!  doot doo doot doo
Use Power Skills  . . .  doot doo doot doo
to be great!"🦈🎶

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Heart Bubbles

"I have heart bubbles.  These bubbles are full of my caring for others . . . These bubbles are compassion.  Compassion is when we notice hurt and want to help."

We worked heart-opening poses!




"May you be happy.  May you be safe.  May you be peaceful."

Who did you share compassion with during our "heartfulness practice?"

Monday, February 10, 2020

Don't be CHICKEN . . .

Read some BOKs, BOKs, BOKs!!  
Thank you for hat, Mrs. Mitchum! Thank you for the earrings, Teddy Bear Friend! #mrsbroamhats #mrsbroamREADS @PleasantHillElementary

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Sleep Tight

 We enjoyed sharing our stuffed animal friends today!🧸
 We practiced our belly breathing.
We warmed up by flying the cow, 🐮
moving like the sun,🌞 and
waxing and waning with the moon!🌜
We read and MOOOved with a good book!
Cow was sleeping in Pig's sty! 🐄
Cat was sleeping in Dog's kennel.🐈
When the owls come out, it's time to rest!🦉
We pretended to be in a comfy bed while snuggling up with our toys. 💤
We closed with listening bells and our Namaste Song.🎶 #yayforyoga