Friday, March 23, 2018

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

and on that farm he had a . . .

This frog had hang time!!

With a hiss, hiss here and a slither, slide there . . .

Old MacDonald also had a FLAMINGO . . . 







 We had fun with Yoga Cards and

the camera "on the farm!"

We practiced being still and quiet for one full minute!!!

You can be a FROG
and many different animals when you eiei-YOGA!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Yoga Everywhere!

It's Career Day!

Having fun sharing zipaDeeBee, LLC:  Books, Bodies, Brains with PHES Cougars!

Managing a small business vs. working for a large employer:  purchasing a domain name ( a web site, shopping insurance, setting a budget, paying taxes, creating content, marketing and advertising are all included when you are in business for yourself.

Some of the resources we explored.  The singing bowl and finger cymbals caught everybody's attention!

Folding the body promotes calm in the body.

We tried other movements:

Mrs. Broam's zipaDee-YOGA blog:

Mrs. Broam's zipaDeeBee site:

Mrs. Broam's zipaDeeBee Google Site:

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Irish Legends

We began our practice today exploring the Breathing Toolbox:

One way to breathe is like a bellows!

You put your hands on your shoulders, elbows togehter, and then breathe your elbows apart.
 When you exhale, you blow out your air and bring the elbows back together.

The first story we shared today was about a king who lived in a castle with his family.

The stepmom was jealous of the king's love for his four children.  She took them to the lake
  so they could swim.

Then the not-so-nice stepmom turned the children into one, two, three . . . 

four swans?!

When the king discovered the trickery, he turned the stepmom into a moth!  The moth flew away and was never seen again.

The children were swans for 900 years?!  They spent 300 years on three different lakes . . . 

We pretended to fly from one lake to the next.

After 900 years, a church bell rang and the curse was broken!

The children were happy to be children again!  They sang and danced to celebrate.

Our second legend was about a giant in Ireland named Finn. 

He stacked rocks to build a causeway from Ireland to Scotland.

Because he was afraid of a BIGGER giant in Scotland he pretended to be a baby . . . 

We wrapped our stories with a Shamrock Circle!

During our relaxation we imagined playing with a leprechaun!  We ate Lucky Charms and slid down rainbows into pots of gold.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Zoo on the LOOSE!

Today we freed the animals at the zoo!  Each yoga posture we performed allowed the animal to ESCAPE . . . 

LOOK OUT for rabbits, butterflies, lizards, tigers, cows, and . . . 


We even freed the FISH?!

After our adventure we decided to treat ourselves to ice cream!  Here's a double scoop of Oreo ice cream:

and a strawberry and vanilla ice cream treat!

Some folks wanted to wave another flag this week?!  It is fun to repeat postures we know.

We practiced being still and quiet after creating such a ruckus!

One yogi felt after our yoga practice today, "My unpleasant feelings are better."