Sunday, August 21, 2011

40 Days of Yoga--COMPLETE!

Day 19-7/24/11-Yoga Sculpt DVD--30 minutes

Day 20-7/25/11-Yogalosophy DVD--50 minutes

Day 21-7/26/11-Yoga Burn DVD--20 minutes

Day 22-7/27/11-Gold's BodyVIVE--70 minutes
I showed up for the yoga class and a sub taught BodyVIVE instead. It was a combination of "cardio exercise, resistance work, core training, mobility and balance training." Some folks left and didn't even give it a try. I thought this kinda illustrated how flexibility in thinking, being open-minded, is a skill to strengthen just like physical flexibility! The music was great, the class was fun, it was something different, kind of serendipitous. It was a "happy accident" I very much enjoyed.

Day 23-7/28/11-Yoga Sculpt DVD--30 minutes

Day 24-7/29/11-Yoga--40 minutes
I did this practice in a tent! Kinda a "hot yoga" setting. We were camping in VA, and I was determined to stay on schedule. I was pleased how this practiced worked, under such unlikely circumstances!

Day 25-7/30/11-Yoga--45 minutes
We were scheduled to do biking on the VA Creeper Trail today. While folks were setting shuttle, Lydia and I went up the hillside and found a sunny spot to do a yoga practice. I couldn't talk Lyddie into practicing, but she was a good buddy, looking out for ants and bugs! I mostly enjoyed the outdoor setting, excepting the creepy crawlies . . .

Day 26-7/31/11-Yogalosophy DVD--50 minutes

Day 27-8/1/11-Yoga Essentials VHS--24 minutes

Day 28-8/2/11-Yoga Essentials VHS & Power Yoga DVD--37 minutes

Day 29-8/3/11-Gold's Gym Yoga--60 minutes
This was my last morning class before school starts . . . I am really gonna miss this class . . .

Day 30-8/4/11-Hatha Yoga VHS & Power Yoga DVD--35 minutes

Day 31-8/5/11-Yoga Sculpt DVD & Daily Dozen Yoga Stretch DVD--42 minutes

Day 32-8/6/11-The Athlete's Pocket Guide to Yoga by Sage Rountree-16 minutes
I did the "Sun Salutations" series outlined in this resource as well as the "IT Band" routine at the end of a busy, busy day. I've tried several sequences from this book and have enjoyed the variety--lotta good stuff in this little volume!

Day 33-8/7/11-Strength & Core Yoga DVD--30 minutes

Day 34-8/8/11-Yoga Burn DVD--30 minutes

Day 35-8/9/11-Yoga Legs DVD--10 minutes
School starts back tomorrow for teachers . . . important to squeeze in a little moving!

Day 36-8/10/11-Yoga Buns VHS--30 minutes

Day 37-8/11/11-Gold's Gym Yoga--60 minutes
I literally dozed during stretches . . . I was so pooped from cranking up the school year. The relaxing stretches were welcome relief to tight and stressed muscles.

Day 38-8/12/11-Yogalosophy DVD--10 minutes

Day 39-8/13/11-The Athlete's Pocket Guide to Yoga by Sage Rountree-22 minutes
Moon Salutations & Hip Openers

Day 40-8/14/11-Yoga Essentials VHS & Core Strength Yoga VHS (using stability ball as prop)--27 minutes

What an exciting journey! If I happen to miss a day of yoga now, my body lets me know!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Relaxation Reflections

Lyddie and I did a practice this morning and when we completed our final relaxation, I got out the crayons and a big piece of paper to "draw how we are feeling now." This is the activity on p. 55 of the GFY@ Home Self-Study. This was a neat opportunity to picture thoughts and emotions. She drew a tree and grass and waterfall and flowers. She said, "I feel like nature." "I feel calm." "I feel like a butterfly, flying high in the sky." "I feel like a panda bear--I feel strong." She said, "We should do this everyday, Mom!" Ain't that the truth??!

I drew a picture too, and I felt like a cloud in the sky, light and "unburdened." I felt warm and peaceful, like the sun was shining on me. What a great way to start the day, carefree and relieved of worries and concerns!

We are thankful for what our practice taught us today.