Friday, April 5, 2024

Create in Me Friends


Day One - Gold and Silver Friends (gold and silver beads)

Day Two - Animal "Friends" - snake friends are sneaky, turtle friends stay in the shells, shark friends bite, kick, punch, and pinch, sheep friends just follow along without thinking things through, monkey friends are out of control and hurt people "on accident" - TEDDY BEAR friends help people feel safe and valued!  The listen and share God's love with their hearts, hands, and feet. (teddy bear, snake, sheep, and turtle charms)

Day Three - Friends Remember, Think, and Pray (smile charm, brain, and prayer hands)

Pick 20ish beads of colors you like.  You will cut off excess wire after threading the beads so don't completely fill the wire.  The wire is too flimsy for too many beads!

Thread the silver disk shape bead then follow with the silver.  Put two beads on and follow with the gold.

Thread two more beads of your choice and follow with each animal charm!  Two beads, animal charm, two beads, animal charm, two beads animal charm.

Thread two beads and follow with the smiley face bead, two beads and brain charm, two beads and the prayer hands.

Finish with the 2nd silver disk shape bead, cut the wire, and bend the wire to stop the beads from sliding off the end of the bracelet.

This mnemonic is a souvenir for Create in Me 2024 Morning Stretch Time🎨🖌