Tuesday, June 30, 2020

4th of July Yoga Time

Celebrate Independence Day with YOGA -- https://youtu.be/3aq_HBEtDIU! We are pretending to be a BIG signature on the Declaration of Independence with a BIG Triangle Pose.

Create fireworks with Side Angle Pose

Light up the night with your dancing sparkler!

Wave your flag with Balancing Half Moon Pose!

Cook your hamburger or

hotdog . . . 

on the grill!  YUMπŸ”πŸŒ­

Happy July 4th Celebrating, Yogis!! #YogaTimeWithMrsBroamTuesdaysat10 #zipaDeeBee

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Yoga Road Trip to Alaska

We traveled to Alaska today, pretending to be animals that live in the Pacific Northwest! Here's the YouTube of our fun:  https://youtu.be/4Q6gyQL-K_0

Many of today's postures are "heart openers!" Put your hands on your heart and take deep breaths in and out.

Now breath in and "hoOWWWWl" it out like a wolf!🐺

Your back will strengthen and not feel "prickly" when you pretend to be a porcupine.

Warm up your body to work.

My mom and dad visited Alaska in 2006 and 2015.  My dad ("Pop Pop") shared pictures of Alaskan animals as we practiced being them during today's Yoga Time.  He has pictures of a dogsled team pulling a four wheeler to practice in the summertime???!

There are three kinds of bears in Alaska.  Walk like a Grizzly or Black Bear or Polar Bear! Bear Walking uses large muscles and folds the body.  This is calming.  It's a good technique for when you have lots of energy.

Swim with the salmon!

Twist like a deer.  The deer in Alaska are smaller than our White-Tailed Deer.

Rest by pretending to be a flying bird . . .

Yay for a Yoga Road Trip!

Thank you for sharing pictures today, Pop Pop!

Up next, Blueberry Pie!  We will read about Ordinary Mary on Thursday at 2:00.

"Namaste" is what we say to the good in you from the good in me.πŸ™ #YogaTimeWithMrsBroamTuesdaysAt10

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Touch Tree

From Glennon Doyle's Untamed, pp. 145-146~"A Touch Tree is one recognizable, strong, large tree that becomes the lost one's home base.  She can adventure out into the woods as long as long as she returns to her Touch Tree--again and again.  The perpetual returning will keep her from getting too far gone . . . I am my own tree. So I return to myself and reinhabit myself.  As I do, I feel my chin rise and my body straighten.  I reach deeply into the rich soil beneath me, made up of every girl and woman I've ever been, every face I've loved, every love I've lost, every place I've been, every conversation I've had, every book I've read and song I've sung, everything, everything, crumbling and mixing decomposing underneath. Then up and up all the way to my branches, my imagination, too high for anyone else to see--reaching beyond, growing toward the light and warmth.  Then the middle, the trunk, the only part of me entirely visible to the world. Pulpy and soft inside, just tough enough on the outside to protect and hold me.  Exposed and safe.  I am as ancient as the earth I'm planted in and as new as my tiniest bloom.  I am my own Touch Tree:  strong, singular, alive. Still growing.  I have everything I need, beneath me, above me, inside me. I am never gonna lose me." #internationalyogaday2020

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Yoga Time with Mrs. Honey and Mrs. Broam

Today we read and moved with Mrs. Honey's Hat by Pam Adams!  Here's the YouTube of our fun:  https://youtu.be/TpjWSjIbLQE 

Mrs. Broam's mom wore a red, white, and blue headband to celebrate Flag Day on Sunday, 6/14/2020!

Mrs. Honey has a hat and so does Mrs. Broam.

A COW eats 

 the FLOWERS on her hat but Mrs. Honey didn't notice.

 A SPIDER left cobwebs on her hat but Mrs. Honey didn't notice.

An alley cat took the bow off her hat and left some fishbones, but Mrs. Honey didn't notice . . .

How can we pay more attention to what is happening? How can we be more mindful??!

We connected to our Thursday storytime story, Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots by Michael Rex, when we pretended to be robots while resting -- Relax Kids The Wishing Star by Marneta Viegas, pp. 52-53

After yoga, we are ready to focus and do what we need to do next!  Did you notice?

#bemindful #YogaTimewithMrsBroamTuesdaysat10 #inoticed

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Yoga Time Fun with Donald Crews' _10 Dots_

Readin' and Movin' with a Good Book

"CHOO! CHOO! Breath" to get started!

Warmin' up by "moving like the moon!"

 Working by turning keys in locks,
 playing music on the radio, and 
growing tall like a tree!

As we settle down for final relaxation, Whole World Mudra helps us connect with others and have a broader perspective or "world view!"

Rocking and shaking our piggie banks to hear the coins clink . . .

and ready to rest!
Be a tree.

#YogaTimewithMrsBroamTuesdaysat10 #allsummerlong #yayforyoga #ifeelgreat

June 2020 Bracelet of the Month

 Maybe you can't get to the beach . . .
with the June zipaDeeBee Bangle of the Month, the beach can come to you! 

There are four charms on this bracelet.  One version has a mermaid and three shells, the other has a mermaid, two seashells, and "may you always have a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes" charm.  The second is particularly jangly!πŸ””  The bracelet of the month is $20.00!  You get a bracelet and yoga practice to wear around your wrist.  For this bangle, try 

(1) ocean breath (ujjayi breath) with conch shell mudra "The right hand is the "hot dog bun." (hold the hand out, palm up) The left thumb is the "hot dog." (Place the left thumb across the palm of the right hand.) Wrap the fingers around the hot dog.  Bring the left pointer finger to touch the tip of the right thumb.  The rest of the fingers on the left hand wrap around behind the right knuckles.  Holding your hands like this may create a sense of being safe and sound."

(2) ocean waves (while sitting on bum with knees tented, drop knees from right to left and left to right

(3) hermit crab (reverse table)

(4) mermaid twist before you relax on the sand near the surf.🌊  
Mermaid earrings will go "swimmingly" with the bangle.  These are $10 with purchase of bracelet of the month (regular $15).  Earrings are silver plated wine glass charm rings earring hoops, 20, 25, or 30 mm (30 mm pictured).   You can also get a "may you always have a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes" necklace on waxed cotton necklace cord with lobster claw clasp for $5.00 (regular $10)! 
Bring the beach home in the month of June!🌞

More info on zipaDeeBee Baubles and Bangles:  https://sites.google.com/site/zipadeebee/resources/baublesandbangles #zipaDeeBeeBaubleandBangles

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

When a Goat Eats Your Roses . . .

or your hat,

check your circle of control . . .

We pretended to be the clouds in this story:

Mitten (Namaste or Prayer Hands)



 Ice Cream Cone (Boat Pose)

 Pig Rolling in the Mud

 Sheep (Table Pose)

Candle on a Birthday Cake (Hip Stand or Shoulder Stand)

You might even feel as good as you feel on your birthdayπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ!

 But one small step at a time, you'll find your way to a happier place!

pages 248-249, Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs by Louise Goldberg

Join us Tuesdays at 10:00 for Yoga Time with Mrs. Broam!🌞
 ZOOM Yoga Time -- When the Goats Eat Your Roses -- https://youtu.be/ZcuM-jeEo3o