Thursday, November 23, 2023

pumpkin yoga with a BIG turkey

How many pumpkins did Grammy decorate with this year?!
Tour with a turkey, breathe and move, and make a guess!

"Reverse Plank" for pumpkins on a hill

"Warrior II" for pumpkins in pairs

hangout near the clothesline with "Warrior I"

pumpkins near a "Tree"

a couple "Turkeys" with how many pumpkins?

"Scarecrows" protect the pumpkins

"Plank" with pumpkins in a row

a "Butterfly" in the pumpkin patch

pumpkins near a pool are cool as a "cartwheel"

we "love" Grammy's pumpkin decorating (Purna Hridaya Heart Mudra: Welcoming Thoughts and Feelings‘Purna’ means open and ‘hridaya’ is the heart, thus this is the Open Heart Mudra.

get "down" with pumpkins in Houdini's "dog" pen

"Table" your pumpkins for later

"Fire logs" warming near the pumpkins

"Driving" for pumpkins on 2103 Holland Street Memorial Drive

Do what you can and do you best!