Thursday, April 4, 2013

Assisting BEEginings

Four Ways to "Assist"
cues, props, assists, demo

BEE Brave and reach out and TOUCH SOMEONE!

This month I tried assisting:

Warriors 1 & 2--placing hands on the shoulders lightly to suggest they slide down the back, hands on sides to encourage growing tall through the core, place hand on back foot to invite weight in the outside of foot, stretching arms to encourage reaching/lengthening

Triangle--stretching the reaching hand higher, placing my hand just beyond to encourage reach, opening the chest--I did not get this quite right .  .  . should "Stand behind your yogi and your body aligns with his/her midline/pelvis.  Stabilizing with your hip, one hand at yogi hip and one hand to the inside of the shoulder, lightly press forward with the hip as you roll shoulder open."

Downward Dog--standing at the yogi's head, place hands on the sacrum and press up and away from you using your body weight.

During relaxation, I pressed on shoulders and pulled and wobbled legs.  I tried hand and head massages too. 

Preparing for Peaking in Paradise

5 postures to prepare your body for "flying" in "bird of paradise"--

downward dog
standing splits

Heart Openers--ready your chest & arms:
crescent lunge
extended side angle

Hamstrings and Chest Opener:  triangle with bind

Now, how do you land the "bird?"  I have some questions about these ideas .  .  . ?

supported forward fold--chest resting on thighs, mountain

Counter Pose:
seated child's pose