Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Off to the Races in Winnsboro!

Introducing a Fabulous Fable

Hare Picks on a Puppy :-(

"On Your Mark, Mark, Mark .  .  ." 

To shake or NOT shake a tailfeather?  That is the question .  .  . 

Tortoise moves faster than a sleeping Hare!

What lesson do YOU learn in this fable?

When you a share a good story, EVERYBODY WINS!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

On the Road with Porkchop Productions

"Selfie at Sunrise" near the L.H. Siau Bridge in Georgetown

Our first performance of the day, Our first performance in an AUDITORIUM!

We enjoyed exploring the waterfront after the show!

Messing around w/ Murals #1 -- a fragrant flower for Dewey!

Messing around w/ Murals #2 -- a little shop, "D'Etta-sized!"

Dewey flexes her muscles!

Before our second performance of the day .  .  . 

We checked out North Litchfield Beach!

We saw dolphins swimming in the surf but they were camera shy .  .  .  

Porkchop Productions' "The Tortoise and Hare" Wisdom of the Day:  Even when the odds are not in your favor .  .  . Be CONFIDENT!  Be THE WARRIOR!