Saturday, October 21, 2023

October Internship Adventures Report


GOD spelled backwards is DOG.  My dogs remind me of the presence of God!  They are always glad to see me when I've been on adventures.  The cuddle up close and help me feel better when I need a little cheer.  They remind me to rest, get outside, go for walks. Thank you, God, for these to fur babies that have brought joy and chuckles to my world!🐢🐢

The first of October was the last day of my Atlanta adventure with you all.  Here's teaching grace for breakfast at Lutheranch's confirmation retreat.πŸ₯“

Here's yoga with the four year olds at Pisgah Lutheran Child Development Ministry!  We've been yoga-ing with the elements.  This was a lesson about water and Noah. 🚰

At the end of every class, little ones who have been good listeners and participators get inside the big breathing ball.  We sing, "I want my life to make a difference. I want my life to make a change.  I want my life to do some good here.  I want my life to make a change."  What you sing about, you bring about.🎢

On the first Friday of every month, my mom, aunts, and I have breakfast or lunch together! Momma was camping so Aunt Ada, my mom's little sister, and my Aunt Sandy, my Dad's brother's wife, and I soldiered on! It was good food and good fellowship as always.πŸ˜‹

My friend Elizabeth and I met for a walk at Granby Park on a beautiful afternoon.  She wore the shirt I designed for Stephen (my seminarian friend who died unexpectedly last summer)!  A good friend helping me celebrate a good friend.🌻
At Southeastern's Fall Convocation, I helped with the First Call Support.

I shared a workshop on wellness and all the ways to be well!

We did some yoga during the free time on Wednesday afternoon!

I got to meet Joe Davis at DOTAC (Diakonia of the Americas and Caribbean) in Minneapolis this summer!  He was not able to be at the Southeastern Fall Convocation in person, but it was still an awesome presentation.  (1) Get Grounded (2) Get Connected (3) Get Going
Minneapolis in August with Joe

Our daughter Lydia, a senior at Lexington High School, was accepted to Methodist University in Fayetteville.  We do an overnight there to check it out the first week of November.

Quick trip to Lancaster, PA to be a part of Molly's ELCA Deaconess Community Rite of Accompaniment
I had never traveled quite like this??!πŸ›«

Molly and me -- we both experienced the "Rite of Accompaniment" with the ELCA Deaconess Community this year!πŸ’•
Sister Sarah, Candidate D'Etta, and Applicant Molly, who will be a "Candidate Molly" the day after this picture!

Sister Deb knows I collect hats?!  She found a perfect light up hat for me.🀠  

It is always uplifting to be together with the ELCA Deaconess Community. We found out two days after this picture that Molly's family experienced an unimaginable loss in the death of her daughter, River. River was a beautiful senior in high school. Please pray for this family.  God is with us, Jesus is weeping, the Spirit is groaning because we have no words.

At NC Synod Fall Convocation I reconnected with Catherine!  She was Lutheran Church Youth president for the SC Synod in 1983-84 and I served as the SCLCY secretary.  After 39 years, we didn't skip a beat.  My favorite story is the time we traveled to Greenville on LCY business and didn't quite make it home before dark . . . we had to get our parents to come pick us up at the Chapin exit . . . now we would probably do the same (I don't like to drive after dark), but we'd call our children to rescue us??!

I reconnected with old friends and made new ones at NC Fall Convocation:
Meet Dr. Luke Powery, author, professor of homiletics at Duke, good friend of my advisor at Southern, Dr. Brent Driggers -- His messages inspired me! So thankful to "make room in my heart for God's conjunctive Jesus Christ, who is divine AND human!" Our God is an "and" God :-)

I got to see Brooke again!  We roomed together at a Deaconess Community Formation Event in May.  My husband and I had supper with her and her mom on the weekend of her installation at The Dwelling (  Hopefully we will cross paths again soon!  Maybe I can share some of my ministry with her ministry?

Supper with Brooke in Winston-Salem, NC in September

Rooming with Brooke in May in Darien, Illinois

A Lutheran minister, formerly a practicing Hindu, objected to the cultural appropriation of yoga in Western culture. NC renamed my offering as "stretch and prayer."

I appreciated the update on changes proposed for the candidacy process at NC Fall Convocation!  

If you have thoughts, please complete the survey accessed via this QR Code.

Next week I attend SC Synod Fall Convocation at Lutheridge.  I'll travel with my husband to Chattanooga next weekend for him to race the Chattajack.  He practiced today canoeing 18 miles in 4 hours.  The Chattajack is 31 miles and he hopes to complete in 6-8 hours.

October 30 and 31 is the Internship Retreat in Hickory, NC at the Catholic Center.  Then I'll head to Fayetteville for Lyddie's college visit.

In November I will work with Pastor Colleen of Virginia Synod on Advent Movement opportunities for rostered leaders.  I will follow up on the social services database collection for Southeastern.  I will do a General Health Yoga Therapy Training in Greensboro.  I will finish up coursework at Southern for Lutheranism in North America and Introduction to Theology.  Do some campus ministry with Newberry College. Attend Jill's Yoga Class at Lilburn and just like that the internship will wrap.🎁