Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Career Clusters

"Good fit jobs" are ones that work with your unique skills and talents!  A career cluster is a group of careers that have things in common. Some jobs fit into more than one cluster.  There are sixteen career clusters: 

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Architecture and Construction
Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications
Business Management and Administration
Education and Training
Government and Public Administration
Health Science
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

 Mrs. Broam has enjoyed working in "Education and Training." These are jobs for teaching new things and skills.  Mrs. Broam's jobs as dance instructor, school teacher, school librarian, and school counselor fit in this career cluster.  Would Mrs. Broam be a good fit to work at a pizza restaurant??!🍕 #mrsbroamhats