Friday, October 17, 2014

Family Yoga

Guilt vs. Shame

On Wednesday, we explored guilt (I made a mistake) vs.shame (I am a mistake). It's healthy to feel guilty and to follow up on that feeling. What did you learn from the mistake? What would be a better choice next time? How do you clean up? Do you need to apologize? On the other hand, shame is unhealthy. We are striving for excellence, not perfection, but when we fall short we need to recognize the difference between making a mistake and being one. All God's Critters Have a Place in the Choir. Each of us has a way to make the world a better place like no one else can. We gotta get done what we're on this planet to do! We played around with snakes and sang Boa Constrictor ( Thank you, Sandra Padgett, for making this people-sized puppet years ago! The the fun continues! We talked about how shame can "eat you up." We also sang Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again and reminded about the mistake Adam and Eve made . . . Praise God for forgiveness and second chances, third chances, fourth chances . . . Join us next week when we let go of "stinkin' thinkin'!" We'll practice the law of attraction--"what we think about, we bring about." Meet you on the mat!