Wednesday, September 22, 2021

He's Got the Whole World In His Hands

And He built the whole world with His hands!  We celebrated the story of creation with our yoga today at PCDM!  

Day 1, light and dark, heavens and earth: Whole World Mudra, stretching tall to reach the heavens 

Day 2, sky: Stand tall and imagine you see the sky with clouds! How would it be to sit on a cloud?  Try chair pose to sit and ponder . . .  oh, it might be challenging to sit on a cloud??

Day 3, dry land, plants, and seas: Tree, river, ocean waves, flower pose, flower mudra 

Day 4, stars, moon, and sun: half sun salutations, crescent moon pose, star pose 

Day 5, animals that fly: Warrior III, Eagle Mudra

Day 6, land animals and people: monkey, elephant, down dog, lion's breath, mouse, and breathing ball (Hoberman Sphere)

God rested on the 7th day!  Mrs. Deborah recently shared several ways we can rest and "recharge" -- rest your mind, take a break from devices, go outside for fresh air + sunshine, sleep more, do something you love! Mrs. D loves YOGA! You can do yoga to rest! How will you take care of you?

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  1. Thank you D’Etta for bringing rays of sunshine to your yoga students. Our Caroline is enjoying her yoga time with you.
    LA Rogers