Saturday, September 25, 2021

Prayer zipaDeeBee Bangle

Prayer is a "phone call" to God, a conversation "day or night." Prayer keeps you "on track" and helps you feel "the peace and love of God in your heart."

Phone Charm -- standing in mountain, hands to belly.  Breathing four counts in and four counts out, moving arms to "twenty minutes 'til" and "twenty minutes past" on the inhale  [your arms are the hands of a analog clock, reaching to 4 and 8] and back to your abdominals on the exhale~2x

Sun/Moon Charm -- repeat the above movement, now breathing in and out for 5 counts, arms reaching to 3 and 9 or fifteen minutes past or 'til the hour~2x

Train Charm -- Breath in and out for 6 counts on your third effort.  Ten 'til or ten minutes after the the hour [2 and 10] with your arms~2x

Heart with Cross Charm -- Breathe in and out for several deep breaths, standing in mountain, hands crossed over your heart


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