Saturday, April 30, 2022

If Yoga Strengthens Your Bones . . .


If Yoga strengthens your bones . . . can a Jellyfish yoga??  Jellies do NOT have bones!  But yoga has many benefits and so jellies can yoga!

We also reviewed the Lord's Prayer with our yoga. Deacon Deborah shared the Lord's Prayer in Chapel on Monday.  It is how Jesus taught us to pray!

We used words we can understand. Instead of "hallowed," we used "power!" We practiced the Power Pose for this part of the prayer.

In our Jellyfish story, there was a crab that was crabby.  Jelly the Jellyfish and Peanut Butter the Sea Horse were nice to Crab even though Crab was not nice to  them.  Maybe they prayed a prayer like this to give them strength and courage to be kind: "Dear God, Crabby is NOT nice.  Please help me to be nice to him. Amen"

Crabby was caught in a fisherman's trap!  We made a trap with our yoga hands.

Peanut Butter and Jelly opened the trap to rescue Crabby!

Everything we have and do is all for you, Jesus! So that everyone we meet will see you in us🧡

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